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The Guardian | 2015-07-30

Top Gear's Clarkson, Hammond and May sign Amazon deal

Former BBC stars opt for online giant rather than ITV and Netflix for new motoring show ...

The Independent | 2015-07-30

The world's population has reached 'peak youth'. A jobs crisis won't be far behind

The UN’s latest global population statistics were dumped online this week in the form of a huge, impenetrable spreadsheet. What the complex figures obscure is a...

The Associated Press | 2015-07-30

Hope for miracle dims but search goes on for missing boys

TEQUESTA, Fla. (AP) -- Families hoped for a miracle even as science nagged that one was improbable and rescue crews went into a seventh day of searches Thursday...

Kathimerini | 2015-07-30

UN urges Greek and Turkish Cypriots to reach peace agreement

The UN Security Council urged Greek and Turkish Cypriots on Wednesday "to grasp the current opportunity" of renewed talks to reach a peace agreement...

Open Minds Worldwide

The Guardian | 2015-07-30

To save lions like Cecil, turn poachers into gamekeepers

A dentist from Wisconsin goes hunting in Zimbabwe and bags its most famous lion, Cecil. In response, Cecil’s friends have gone hunting in Minnesota in the hope of bagging its most infamous dentist, Walter Palmer. Welcome to the world of charismatic mega-species, their predators and protectors. One thing only is for sure, the predators are winning. ...

The Washington Post | 2015-07-29

Guardian US votes to unionize

The Guardian US, the stateside operation of the British newspaper, has voted to unionize under the...